My Second Life

For those of you not in the know, Second Life is an online community created by its residents. The possibilities for creative outlet in Second Life are literally limitless. There are people who build houses, furniture, musical instruments, cars, boats, robots, dragons, technology and shoes. There are clothing designers, “skin” designers, avatar designers, landscapers and scientists. And my personal favorite…. there are artists. Second Life is a natural draw to the creative and curious.

It all starts from the moment you first log on. You stand there, your Avatar (the digital version of you) is just like all the other Avatars, a blank slate. You start out, changing your hair color, adding muscles, slimming down, bulking up. Then you tweak the shape of your nose, make your lips a little fuller, eyes a little smaller. Each Avatar becomes a work of art of its own. There are Barbie figures and the macho manly men, but there are furry Avatars, wolves, bears, cats and more. Blue people! Scaly people! I have personally seen dragons, dinosaurs, Santa, a chimpanzee smoking a cigar, Mr. Potato Head and a naked fat guy. Your appearance is truly only limited by your imagination.

All that, and you just started to explore Second Life!
I wandered onto SL shortly after hearing news report on NPR. I just sort of randomly explored for a few days, and got some friends interested. Then one of my friends meets a guy who helps people open art galleries in Second Life. He introduced us, as my friend knows that I am an artist. Before you know it, I’m full swing into opening an Art Gallery! Me! What was I thinking??? Turns out, it’s actually been a pretty great experience. There are so many artists and art lovers in Second Life, I meet new great people every day, and I have come to enjoy helping others get their art into the world.

Tricia Aferdita Gallery is located in an artists community that Second Life Resident Xander Ruttan has created. Our plan at Ruttan Lane Galleries in the Cetus Gallery District, is to create a community where Second Life Residents can have Art Galleries, meetings, lofts and living spaces. The community includes a group, the Cetus Gallery District Association, of which I (aka Tricia Aferdita) am President. The goal of the Association to to provide a means of communication and support among the residents, artists and gallery owners of the Cetus Gallery District.

So please! Feel free to stop by my little world anytime! Meet my crazy friends! I have new artists on display every month. Check this blog frequently for new artists and events.

*To access Second Life, you will need to go to and sign up for a free account. You will also need to download the program used to access Second Life. When you log in, feel free to search under people for Tricia Aferdita, and instant message me, I’ll be glad to help you get started and get to our community!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Nazz Lane
    Mar 19, 2008 @ 14:13:00

    Looking forward to reading your blog regularly Tricia 🙂


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