Featured Artist @ Tricia Aferdita Gallery


Joseph Perkins (aka: Jofus Wrigglesworth) has been painting seriously for about 5 years. He started in 2003 when we entered the ArT Institute of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania.
His main focus is in abstract organics as well as abstract expressionism. Some of his major influences from the list of greats are Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Piet Mondrian. Much of his work is also influenced by his observation of nature, ranging from a universal to a molecular level of appreciation.

Over the past few years, Joseph has experimented with acrylic, oil, latex, and alkyd paints, as well as numerous approaches to creating different textures. A freeflowing application of these materials gives much of his work the energy found in action painting, with less of an emphasis on the physical actions of the artist and more focus on the natural reactions of the materials. (bio written by Joseph Perkins)

Join Tricia Aferdita Gallery in welcoming Joseph to Second Life and his very first exhibition in SL. The paintings selected for this show represent some of his most colorful, texture filled and expressive works. I am please to have him at my gallery and in Cetus Gallery District.