*Author Appearance* by Nazz Lane @ Avalon Town

Join us in Avalon Town on Sunday, March 15th at 5pm SLT as Nazz Lane brings us a live reading of excerpts from his SL-based serial novel “Borders of Our Lives”.

As a resident of Second life for nearly two years, freelance journalist and author leads an active business and social life. Having arrived in SL, Mr. Lane served for an interim period as the Business Manager for ‘Simone! Design’, and in leading Simone Stern’s Second Life Charity, ‘Virtual Angels’. He began a career in journalism as a freelance reporter a year ago shortly after launching his blog, “Lane’s List” which is a personal travelogue of people and places in virtuality. Nazz has had many articles published and his area of focus in this metaverse has been in covering Music, Arts, Culture, Entertainment and Nonprofits. He has spoken to and chronicled the stories of Musicians, Venues Owners, Artists, Gallery Openings and Owners, Nonprofit Events, People and Places for the SL Newspaper, Metaverse Tribune and Avenue Magazine.

As an author Nazz has published in SL the first five chapters of his serialized novel based on characters and the setting of Second Life. The novel “Borders of Our Lives” is a serialized novel, and is based on characters and the setting of SL. Since the characters don’t exist solely in the metaverse, the stories do integrate their lives, both the virtual and real.

Since beginning his journalistic career Nazz has explored SL, and shared with his readers the ordinary and extraordinary places and people he’s encountered there. Since the inception of Lane’s List and as a freelance reporter, he’s met some of SL’s most talented and creative people and has visited a host of sites, from captivating gardens, to affable and welcoming coffeehouses, classic ballrooms, stylish art gallery’s and neighborhood gin joints.

(This excerpt written by Nazz Lane)


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