Charitable Arts

As we neared the launch of Second Life Community Convention (SLCC), the grid was abuzz with anticipation; Who was going, who wasn’t, what was happening. Along with these stirrings, the art world developed a little buzz of its own, although “little” is hardly the word to use for two of the most colorful personalities in the SL Art World.

Filthy Fluno and Winter Nightfire, sponsored by Avalon Art District and CounterpART Gallery, devised the SLCC Artathon – taking to the floor of the convention with a mixed palette of paints, pastels and amazing energy to capture the excitement of the SLCC. The result was a vibrant mix of abstract art and culture that was ultimately auctioned off at the convention to benefit Virtual Ability, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Virtual Ability is a nonprofit organization that helps people with disabilities overcome difficulties in accessing and becoming successfully involved in virtual worlds like Second Life. While many of us are aware of the unique opportunities that SL presents to us, like flying and teleporting, many people have handicaps that make even these virtual feats challenging.

Virtual Ability works to help people with assistive hardware like voice recognition, special styluses and specialized typing determine the best way to access their virtual environment. They provide community members with support and encouragement, training, virtual field trips and more. You can learn more about Virtual Ability at

What really impressed me most about this whole adventure was not just the fun and creativity and excitement generated by it, but the unveiling of two truly kind and generous hearts hanging out behind those outrageous and sometimes controversial Avatars.

On Sunday, August 30th at 2pm, Filthy and Winter will host the official SL opening of their Artathon Artworks in the Avalon Art District. ( At that time, they will present a check for over $1000 to Virtual Ability, the funds raised during their 4-day Artathon adventure.

Filthy and Winter are just the tip of the ice burg of philanthropic potential in SL and every day the community members of Second Life work together to raise funds, raise awareness and generate support for the organizations they believe in. I encourage everyone to take the step that these two did and become an advocate for or donate to the cause that touches you most.



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