Artists: Step Up! Against Content Theft

In response to a weekend of the wholesale theft of sims and content, a few SL residents got together and decided they wanted to do something about it. This includes other types of content theft, which have been fought for so long by organizations like Content Creators Association, and other anti-Content Theft groups within Second Life.

Founded by Saffia Widdershins, Gwen Carillon, Angie Mornington and Gabrielle Riel, Step Up! Against Content Theft was created to spread awareness of content theft. Together they instituted Step UP! Day on November 5th, 2009, a day of NO TEXTURE Uploads to the grid to show our economic power. The day will end with a celebration across the entire grid.

DiJodi Dubratt and Ironwolf Taurog have generously donated their gallery sim for a period of time, to feature the creativity of SL Content Creators. We would like to take this opportunity to encourage the artists of Second Life to voice their opinions on Content Theft. Many of us have been the victim of bandwidth theft, snapshot rip-offs of artwork and blatant disregard for IP Rights, DMCA and copyright laws by exhibiting works of old masters, and living artists who are not in SL and completely unaware of their work being stolen.

As curator of the Step Up! Gallery, I invite you to join Step Up!, Jodi and Ironwolf at their sim for a temporary exhibit of artwork showing off the artistic side of SL Content Creators. The exhibit will be sim-wide, highlighting the art community and gearing this extensive part of the SL population into action against Content Theft. We encourage your exhibit to make YOUR statement about Content Theft, share as much of your story and inspirations as you are comfortable with. Find your niche and make it your own

If you would like to exhibit at the sim, please drop me (Tricia Aferdita) a note card in world. Please wait to start setting up after we’ve connected. You can explore the sim now, finishing touches are being completed.

A few things to consider regarding the exhibit:

1) Join the Step Up! Against Content Theft Group, in order to rez at the sim
2) You’ll have about 200 prims to use for your display
3) Please exhibit only. However, you can set landmarks to your galleries/exhibits
4) You can set up anywhere you like on the sim, on the ground or up in the sky and set a LM to the space to give your friends and fans.
5) Scripts and spinning objects okay, but keep an eye on sim lag.
6) No use of bots or other automated SL clients
7) Set up starts soon and the sim will open for public exhibit on Friday, October 30th.

Step Up! Day is November 5th; a day we encourage you to not upload textures and ask you to encourage your friends to do so as well. We are planning events for that day at the Sim, you’re welcome to attend and encourage your friends to attend, more details to come.

More information on Step Up! can be found on the following site:

Thank you for your support and for the support of Content Theft Awareness!
Tricia Aferdita, Step Up! Gallery Curator