The Luminous Lens: Photo Abstractions by PJ Trenton

After a brief haitus, Tricia Aferdita Gallery is up and moving again!
I am excited to bring you an exhibit of the works of the amazing PJ Trenton. PJ is a well-known SL Photographer, a staff photographer for the Primgraph and Prim Perfect Magazines, Photographer for the Designing Worlds weekly program, graphic designer for The Quest for the Golden Prim graphic novel printed in Primgraph, and producer of an untold number of profile photos throughout Second Life.
All of his photography work has kept him off the gallery circuit for quite a while, so this is a long-awaited return to exhibiting for many fans of PJ’s work. For this exhibit he has mixed up a little something different for us; a collection of abstract images that push the limits of photography to create uniquely “painted” images from across the metaverse. Each of these photos is the result of camera angles and PJ’s insightful way of looking at the world around him, they are not manipulated in photoshop other than contrast adjustments, signature and framing.
The result is a vibrant, luminous collection that simply glows on the black walls of the gallery. Simply framed in photoshop, these works are all one prim and modifiable to fit into any SL home. Stop by Wednesday, March 3rd at 7pm SLT (PST) for an opening reception. Meet PJ and check out this beautiful exhibit. Music will be provided by DJ Sredni Eel.