New Works by LawnDart Curtiss

I admit to being somewhat biased, because LawnDart is a friend and I tend to think all of my friends are FANTASTIC artists, but I do highly recommend you check out this new collection of works by LawnDart Curtiss now featured at Healy Gallery, operated by Kelly Yap.
LawnDart is widely known in the SL Art Community for his sculptures and his dynamic collection of Stick Figures, 3D sculptures that have been seen in galleries throughout SL playing Frisbee, chasing butterflies, harassing each other, relaxing, discussing art, and being creative and entertaining. For this exhibit in Healy, he has stepped outside the realm of stick figures and into Times Square.
“Only in SL – Times Square and other recent works” features brand new works inspired by his visit to Times Square in New York City. On the first floor of the gallery you’ll find the Times Square exhibit, photographs edited and layered into low prim, script free 3D pieces that capture the feeling and atmosphere of Time Square. The works give off a gritty, bustling, crowded feeling, lit with the glow of the City.
From the artist’s statement:
“Walking north along Broadway in the early evening, i could feel the electricity. Well dressed beautiful people hurrying, like worker bees, to catch their trains. As i near the place, the business suits give way to the usual garb of the tourists from all around the world.

I turn the corner and there it is, the monument to unbridled capitalism… Times Square.
The place that exists only for itself.
The hum of electricity and city traffic, people wearing wooden signs and handing out fliers. Artists offering to draw your picture, or write your name for a few bucks. Police on horseback. There is a man stuffing himself into a tiny glass box while onlookers applaud and take photos.
And i, a lowly pedestrian in the confusing maze of commercials, stand in total confusion. Why was it i wanted to come here again?

… because it is Times Square!”


On the second floor LawnDart created a series of works in an SL tribute to Andy Warhol. Using his own photography, LawnDart asked himself “What would Andy Warhol do if he had SL?” The result is a colorful collection of Warhol-esque works with an SL twist of 3D and lighting effects.
As an added bonus, this brand new gallery was also designed by the artist. An open, airy space, with a contemporary design, the building is attractive in its own right, yet makes a great backdrop for the artwork exhibited there.
Opening exhibits will be held there on Monday, September 28th from Noon until 2pm and again from 6pm until 8pm SLT. DJ Frequency Picnic provides the entertainment. You can find the gallery and the events at